As Human Civilization evolved, one of the earliest skills to develop was the ability to work with wood. It was abundant in just about every area that was habitable. Tools for hunting, basic survival, and later for farming, were probably first fashioned from sticks and wood materials. Travel to hunting grounds, and foraging for food, may have been made by dugout canoes or using wooden carts. With time, everyday living utensils and furnishings were constructed of wood to make life easier in huts and caves.

As civilization progressed, skills in many areas developed, and so did professions that enabled a person to function and earn a living within their societies. Those that could work with wood became carpenters, wood carvers, boat builders and cabinetmakers, among others. These skills became crafts, and with time it came to a point where it was not enough just to produce something useful. Artistic impression in creativity, design, shape, esthetics and ergonomics became much more.

It can be deemed, that design and creations in WOOD, become WORKS of Art.